Getting to Zug

We are expecting lots of international visitors again this year. Most of you will probably fly to Zurich. Getting to Zug from Zurich is really easy. There are many direct trains from Zurich HB (main train station) as well as from the airport to Zug.

(In order to find the best connection, simply go to and type in the details of your trip)

Venue & Accomodation


For us, the Melonport and MAMA team, it is quite special to have our guests stay in the Parkhotel Zug as it was not only the location for M-0, but also the home to our team for the past two years. Melon was built in Parkhotel Zug and MAMA was founded there.

Approved M-1 attendees will receive a DISCOUNT CODE via email, which they can then use to book the rooms. All rooms are subject to availability. The M-1 DISCOUNT CODE is valid for all bookings prior to 17 Jan 2019.

Room prices range from CHF 205 – 275 depending on size and location.

RECOMENDATION: From experience, we recommend you to book early as Zug is a small city and hotel and Airbnb accommodation are scarce. If you don’t mind a 30 minute train ride in the morning, you can also stay in Zurich, the selection of Hotels is much larger there.